Through a dedicated Air Access team comprised of global aviation specialists, we are targeting the development and initiation of new direct routes from key strategic markets.

To date, the team has secured six new routes and eight route expansions, resulting in over half a million more two-way direct seats coming into Cape Town.

Constantly improving air connectivity between Cape Town International Airport and destinations in Africa, Europe and Asia allows locally situated business people to easily service projects in various parts of the globe, while facilitating easy connection to Cape Town by international visitors attending the numerous industry events held in the city each year.

Connectivity is also enhanced by a well-developed container port within Cape Town and a further port just north of the city, allowing for goods to be exported to destinations around the world.

The practical know-how within Cape Town on how to get goods to market, particularly within Africa, is world class. Most of South Africa’s retail giants with large footprints in Africa have their corporate headquarters in our city.