Priority Sectors

Sectors with high potential for investment and growth are:


The BPO industry has been the lead contributor of job growth in the city in the last 10 years. Cape Town’s appeal as an offshore BPO destination is based on a strong mix of competitiveness factors, including: a high level of industry organization; good ICT infrastructure and support services, English language proficiency, being in the same time zone as Europe; and cost competitiveness as a result of a weak currency.


Cape Town attracts some of the continent’s most creative and entrepreneurially-minded individuals and has a disproportionately high share of the country’s tech start-ups. The majority of the country’s major e-retailers are also headquartered in the city. Its quality of life and strong supportive industry (including award-winning animation studios) attract the right talent.  Our variety of locations and skilled staff also position us as a major film-making destination.


Through the City’s funding of Green Cape and the increasing concentration of ‘green’ focused companies, Cape Town has become a knowledge hub for the green economy.  The impending designation of the Atlantis Green Technology SEZ, in particular will make the city even more appealing for investors in the renewables manufacturing industry.


A number of large investments in the electronics industry in the city have been made in recent years, most notably by Hisense, with the view to tapping into the growing African middle class. African markets currently account for 51% of Cape Town’s electronic exports, a figure which has much scope for growth.


Cape Town’s mix of retail head offices and large scale manufacturers means that the city’s clothing producers can offer a value proposition (centered around a quick response production model) that is unmatched by producers in distant countries.