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The COVID-19 health crisis and the corresponding national lockdown regulations have undoubtedly had a devastating impact on the economy of Cape Town, namely many of Cape Town’s commercial areas, and in particular the CBD.

To breathe life back into the CBD, a number of interventions are planned, and the first intervention the City has initiated is to provide restaurants with the option to rent the sidewalks in front of their establishments, for outdoor seating, at a reduced rate for the next six months. Apply here:

[PDF] Application Form to lease sidewalks for outdoor seating

How do I apply?

Download and complete the PM001 – Property application form. Then compile the requested accompanying documents and email all documents to info@investcapetown.com.

What are the required accompanying documents?

  • Refer to Section E of the application form: A map, site and/or sketch plans. A copy can be downloaded from the City Map Viewer on the City’s website (https://citymaps.capetown.gov.za/EGISViewer/).
  • Refer to Section F of the application form.

Can only CBD-based establishments apply?

No, all establishments are welcome to apply. While the CBD is, at this stage, the City’s core focus for economic recovery, it is important to stress that we encourage as many establishments as possible to apply, as we are cognisant of the negative impacts experienced by establishments beyond the Central Business District.

Can only restaurants apply for the use of sidewalks?

This initiative is limited to eateries as it specifically stipulates tables and chairs on the pavement. It is also important to recognise that a separate process will have to be run if establishments want to serve alcohol, as it will require an extension of their liquor licence.

We will be providing more details on this process in the next few days for those establishments that want to serve alcohol but they are welcome to apply for rental of the pavement in the meantime.

Will I still need to pay the non-refundable application fee?

The application fee can’t be waived or reduced but we do encourage establishments in the same vicinity to apply as a batch application and they will be allowed to share the cost of the one application.

It will prove quicker if all establishments in one block group together and submit an application jointly. There will be a rental holiday of three months for successful applicants and the rental for the remainder of the financial year up until July 2021 will be reduced by 50% from R80 a square metre to R40 a square metre.

Existing lessees are encouraged to be in touch via info@investcapetown.com for more information around rental remissions.

How long will it take for my application form to be processed?

Given the importance of this initiative and our desire to see it urgently implemented, we will strive to process them as quickly as possible. Kindly note that this will also be determined by the number of applications and the capacity of our staff to quickly process them.

We are encouraging establishments to submit joint applications as it will allow the City to process the applications sooner and adhere to a quick turnaround time.

This initiative is open to all establishments through the Cape Town metro but note the prioritisation of processing applications pertaining to the CBD. However, all other establishments are welcome to apply and will be processed in due course.


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