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With seemingly no end to the challenges of the global pandemic, businesses across the world are fighting for their survival. Here in South Africa, enterprises have been desperately pivoting operations to accommodate this new and unexpected consumer and economic landscape. Smarter marketing ideas and operational gear shifts have been necessary to find new ways of interacting with customers and clients.

“This crisis has fast-tracked the use of disruptive technology and out-the-box thinking. COVID-19 has forced digital transformation to the top of the agenda, with companies pivoting their business model to provide service offerings that are compatible with COVID-19 lifestyle changes.” Derek Cikes (Commercial Director at Payflex)

In fact, 2020 has even seen many small brick and mortar stores creating their very first ecommerce sites and even medical practitioners moving towards, and fast-tracking plans for online consultations. Here are just a few more examples of Capetonian enterprises that haven’t just been surviving through the pandemic, they’ve been pivoting and doing well – despite all of the challenges.

The UCOOK Market Box

This Oranjezicht Farmers Market and UCOOK collaboration brings Capetonians market boxes while also supporting small-scale farmers. After all, it’s exactly these types of food producers that are struggling to make ends meet during the depth of the crisis. The UCOOK Market Box initiative safely delivers fresh, seasonal ingredients and artisanal food products directly to consumers and has started collaborating with local eateries and restaurants too.

Seven Colours Eatery

Owner of Seven Colours eater, Nolukhanyo Dube-Cele, had to rethink their offering as large-scale events are no longer happening. The eatery quickly needed to start trading from home and offer a bespoke service of providing cooked meals for dinner, which are delivered directly to clients’ homes. This still gives the brick and mortar business the opportunity to cook the food that the community loves and still build a client base in a safe way.

Going online with a pick-up or delivery service or even using an e-commerce option on WordPress or Shopify are just a few ways other restaurants are also continuing to operate in the Mother City.

The Business of Weddings

Many freelance photographers have been able to continue shooting at home, especially for retail product catalogues. However, the business of weddings almost came to a standstill. Now, virtual wedding ceremonies using live streaming technology is here to stay! Your virtual wedding planner can include a number of innovative ways to broadcast and liven up your big day. From social media hashtags to virtual photo booths, Cape Town weddings are as magical as ever!

Cape Town’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ever true to Cape Town’s spirit of entrepreneurship, there is also an emerging trend of people having received retrenchment packages and then using these cash injections to start their own enterprises. This is in step with the City’s commitment to ensure that all citizens are uplifted to be able to take charge of their own earning potential and buying power through business innovation.

At the end of the day, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporation pivoting your multinational business model, adapting to the current operating constraints requires remaining positive, proactive and relevant. Luckily, these are traits Capetonians possess in spades!

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