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In the upcoming cruise season, 21 different ships from 11 cruise liner companies will dock at the Cruise Terminal’s E berth in Cape Town Harbour. One of the ships, the Aidamira, will return as many as 17 times, while the MSC Orchestra will return six times, the Azamara Quest four times, the Nautica three times and the MS Bremen and the Albatross will each make two visits. This culminates in 57 ship visits for the season, a number that brings in hundreds of new visits to Cape Town’s shores.

The services required by these ships create job opportunities for our locals. While here, ships require maintenance creating further employment for our boat builders, welders, electricians, and a host of other technical crew.

The V&A Waterfront’s Andre Blaine, Executive Manager Marine and Industrial, said, “Cape Town is fast becoming known as the ‘turn-around’ port for both inbound and outbound international arrivals and departures, and we aim to build on this success. Our objective is to become the number one port in Southern Africa for cruise liner business.”

To read the full article visit Cape{town}etc, written by Anita Froneman

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