Cape Town has a number of thriving industrial and economic hubs.


It’s no secret that the Mother City is a major center for a wide range of industrial and economic activities. Known as a leading African metropolis, Cape Town boasts exceptional business services, financial services, green economy, creative industries, tech, real estate & development, fashion & design, as well as business process outsourcing. As such a bustling urban centre, there have been a number of business locations and economic zones established here.

Cape Town’s Most Economical Business Locations

The City has produced a number of publications that focus on the industrial areas in Cape Town. The publications cover 26 industrial areas in the city, as well as highlight key facts and figures on the locations. These also cover the economic activity trends, business’ economic activities, as well as vacant land and buildings in many business and industrial parks in Cape Town. You can download these below!

Understandably, industrial areas in Cape Town have encouraged a wide range of local and multinational companies to relocate here, with notable blue-chip head offices operating in and around the city. Cape Town business locations also host, amongst others, enterprises that are involved in the textile, automotive, warehousing, printing, logistics, construction, and food processing industries.

Cape Town Business Location Advantages

The Urban Development Zone (UDZ) tax incentive is a contributing factor to the promotion of the redevelopment and regeneration of the growing financial and business district within the Cape Town CBD. However, when considering the location of your business in Cape Town, there are some important considerations for choosing one of the business parks. This can depend on the nature of your enterprise. Generally speaking, being located in one of these areas can also provide a wide range of benefits:

  • They are usually in the most central business areas in Cape Town.
  • They usually offer access to most major roadways in the Cape Peninsula.
  • They can access wide roads for all forms of large trucks.
  • They experience less traffic congestion than other areas during peak hours.
  • They are usually closer to the Cape Town International Airport.
  • There is generally good proximity to all forms of public transport.
  • Continual 24-hour security is available in most Industria.
  • 24-hour camera surveillance is available in most Industria.
  • Good availability of power/energy for businesses in most Industria.
  • Close, quick and efficient services by brokers and stakeholders.
  • Cost-effective rentals and property prices, offering good value-for-money.
  • Cape Town is also positioning itself as a hub for renewable energy and tech.

Set Up Your Business in Cape Town with Ease

There are a number of additional entities and resources available for small businesses and start-ups in the Western Cape. Contact us today for detailed information on how to set up your venture in one of the Mother City’s bustling business locations. Our business hub is available to assist with any questions you may have in this regard!

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