This week, I met with the team at the Atlantis Investment Facilitation Office (AIFO), a unit focused on landing and expanding investor opportunities for the area and that has already assisted multiple companies to grow their operations in the area. I was joined by the Economic Growth Portfolio Committee chairman Alderman Clive Justus and Subcouncil chairman Councillor Nicky Rheeder.

I had the distinct pleasure of overseeing the launch of this office with the aim of building on the wealth of investment opportunities in Atlantis. Thanks to the hard, smart work of all involved, the AIFO has supported major expansions.

I’m pleased to share the exciting news of the development and construction on nine of the sites that are currently underway and in total, these investments are valued at approximately R2 billion. This will secure hundreds of job opportunities now and in the future for the local community.

The expansions of these big businesses will also lay further fertile ground for economic growth in the area.

This investment in new build and expansion by domestic and international companies covers a range of industries, including electrical equipment production, textile manufacturing, packaging, and greentech manufacturing.

The AIFO team, which falls under the Investment Facilitation Branch, attracts investors by enabling access to the full spectrum of City services via a wide range of line departments including:

  • Property management
  • Planning and Building Development Management
  • Energy, Water and Waste Services
  • Air Emissions Licensing
  • Environmental Management, particularly with respect to biodiversity management

Simultaneous to landing and expanding such major investments, the office offers a host of development programmes to small businesses in the area that help them to capitalise on new opportunities.

Current Programmes include:

  • Development of sub-contractors to allow them to participate in energy tech production
  • A high impact programme designed to prepare construction industry participants for tendering, and equip them with knowledge of smart procurement
  • Support to the development of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green technology
  • Support to new investment and expansion in the Atlantis Industrial area

In just a few years, Atlantis has become a major economic hub in the City, through the attraction of new investment and support to local entrepreneurs and the community at large to take advantage of the opportunities.

Greentech production in particular is a sector where Atlantis has stood out as a leader.

In the last three years, the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) has attracted R700 million in green investments and is projected to attract approximately R3,7 billion over the next two decades.

Africa is undergoing steady economic growth, development and transformation with the continent’s renewable energy market playing a leading role. This is an industry that presents huge opportunities for investors, developers and operators, while simultaneously ensuring sustained growth that will benefit communities with employment and economic prospects.

Major opportunities are waiting to be seized in Atlantis to the benefit of locals and all Capetonians. Now is the moment to grab it.

Over the past few years, the region has emerged as a major player in the greentech sector, with the opening of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). At the end of 2020, the City transferred the general industrial zoned properties to the ASEZ Company (SOC) Ltd in a deal that allows the organisation to legally contract on the land with prospective bidders.

Last year, the Investment Facilitation Branch engaged with 247 companies and organisations interested in doing business in Cape Town, resulting in breaking ground on investment projects valued close to R15 billion in Atlantis and across the City.

To find out more about the Investment Facilitation Branch and its Atlantis office, email or visit


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