A few days ago, I joined a team from Jobs Connect, the City’s flagship Workforce Development Programme for an activation in Hanover Park. 

As I watched people, most of whom looked very young, the country’s unemployment rate – now at a high of 35.3% – was constantly at the front of my mind. And yes, while this snaking queue of people gave face to the stark reality of unemployment, this event was also not without a sense of hope. By the end of the day, more than 800 people had signed up to Jobs Connect.

As of this week, 58 967 Capetonians have been registered and assessed on the platform, 6 885 have completed work readiness training, 1 096 placed in learnerships, and 1 150 in jobs.

While Cape Town has long maintained the status as the metro with the lowest unemployment rate (on the expanded definition), it was still far too high at 30% when figures were last released for cities.

And though it is not up to government institutions to create employment, it is our duty to lay the foundations that allow for economic growth that reaches people all across the metro. With Jobs Connect, the City is helping job seekers to source knowledge, training and employment opportunities, and linking businesses with the appropriate individuals that will help them expand their operations.

Among the industries that the platform has helped Capetonians find employment are retail, call centres and IT. Others have gone on various skills development courses at Northlink and False Bay College and elsewhere.

How does it work?
  • Job-seekers need to register their details on the online and complete a literacy and numeracy assessment. The results of the assessment will be added to a digital CV. The entire process is paperless but people can print out their CVs and assessment results. The website is also zero-rated for MTN and Vodacom users.
  • Business owners who are looking for talent, they can also easily register as an employer by contacting
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