Small businesses are the backbone of Cape Town’s economy as they make up the majority of service providers for goods and services in the city. The City of Cape Town recently visited businesses in Mitchells Plain who form part of this vital sector. Read more below:

Last week, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos, and local ward councillors, went with the Business Hub team to Mitchells Plain where they met with several young business owners to hear from them first-hand about their experiences in maintaining and growing their operations.

‘We wanted to go back and follow up on the visit by the Mobile Business Hub a few days before when the Hub’s team fielded questions from existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Mitchells Plain is a significant contributor to the City’s economy so it is important as local government to show locals what avenues of support are available to them,’ said Alderman Vos.

An example of this economic contribution is the entrepreneur who showed the group his plot which he leased out every day to some 200 instructors from numerous driving schools who bring learner drivers for practice.

Alderman Vos said he was also struck by the incredible story of the beauty salon owner who was forced to quit her office job and start a home-based business. Now, her salon is thriving with clients coming from afar to use her services.

‘It’s inspiring to see Mitchells Plain businesses be resilient in the face of many challenges. By connecting them with platforms such as The Business Hub, the City is helping them to access information and networks that will help them grow their operations. This in turn makes Mitchells Plain an even more viable hub of economic opportunity,’ said Sub-council 12 Chairperson Solomon Philander.

The ingenuity and resilience of Capetonians was also made apparent by the chef who lost his job in 2020 and decided to use his talents in running his own Asian-inspired food delivery service.

‘Mitchells Plain has a variety of excellent businesses, from food services to personal care. By supporting them, we are boosting the economy of the greater community,’ said Sub-council 23 Chairperson Elton Jansen.

This is exemplified by the local carpenter who has been modernising homes with his self-made décor for several years – including during the height of the pandemic.

The group were also treated to a hearty pie by an entrepreneur whose enterprise has gone from a small operation to a super supplier to big establishments such as the College of Cape Town.

Each one was reminded of the network of support offered by the City of Cape Town.

These include:

  • The Productivity Efficiency Programme to assist small businesses (who employ between 15 to 50 workers) in improving productivity and efficiencies
  • The Business Hub whose team provides clear, concise and immediate feedback that empowers young enterprises. Email the team here:
  • The JobsConnect Workforce Development Programme which connects businesses with work-hungry individuals

‘By providing support systems for small businesses, we are building on our economic roadmap for communities, especially those like Mitchells Plain who are abundant with potential but lack access to information and networks of assistance. These support systems will encourage more aspiring entrepreneurs to set up shop in their areas, which will stimulate supply, create jobs, and generate growth where they live.

‘It is encouraging to see these businesses thrive and to witness their determination in the face of such difficult times. Let’s continue to support businesses in our communities and build back better together,’ said Alderman Vos.

Find out about all programmes and initiatives here:

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