Africa is undergoing steady economic growth, development and transformation with the continent’s renewable energy market playing a leading role. This is an industry that presents huge opportunities for investors, developers and operators while simultaneously ensuring sustained growth that will benefit Africans with employment and economic prospects. This is why events such as The Solar Power Africa 2022 gathering are so crucial and why I was excited to attend on its third and final day.

The conference, which ran from 16 to 18 February last week, attracts a vast number of participants and industry exhibitors each year. It provides a number of opportunities to interact with consumers and stakeholders about building a more robust renewable energy-powered Cape Town.

The City’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) responsible for growing the green economy, GreenCape, and the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) Company both exhibited at the conference and it was wonderful to see just how busy they were with delegates and members of the public.

Showcasing both entities at the Solar Power Africa 2022 demonstrates collaboration in developing a favourable environment for foreign and domestic investors.

As an SPV who works with businesses, investors, academia and government to help unlock the investor and employment potential of green technologies and services, GreenCape has been instrumental in helping Cape Town become a continental leader in this market. A big reason for Cape Town’s leadership in this space is the success of the ASEZ which attracts investors with an array of opportunities.

The energy services sector in Cape Town offers numerous opportunities to investors including renewable energy, waste, water, energy efficiency, and sustainable agriculture sectors.

These dynamic sectors offer multiple investment opportunities as demonstrated by the recently launched Independent Power Producer (IPP) programme for the City government. Our location at the southernmost tip of Africa makes us ideally situated to service East and West African sea traffic, providing a linkage point for both the African and international markets.

Green Economy events such as Solar Power Africa play a significant role in connecting and showcasing local and international companies and their capabilities to manufacture locally. Greencape and the Atlantis SEZ for green technologies demonstrated, in my view, best practise in promoting Cape Town as the leading global destination for establishing green technology investments.

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