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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink where their staff works and whether it’s necessary to have big offices. More than half of the workforce prefer to work remotely and it’s likely that many people are considering remote work as a permanent option.

There are several benefits to working remotely: Work hours that suit you like early mornings or late at night, avoid wasting time in traffic, and wear loungewear instead of suits and ties. The downsides to working at home include distractions such as household chores and technical issues which can make it difficult to work effectively.

Just because you’re not working in an office, it doesn’t mean you can’t move around and try out different workspaces. Thankfully there are many options available for remote work in Cape Town. 

Coffee shops and co-working spaces in Cape Town

Many people are choosing to work from coffee shops or co-working spaces. Cape Town has several wonderful coffee shops and remote working locations to choose from.

Coffee shops are catching on to this trend and capitalising by making themselves more attractive to remote workers. According to the BBC, working from a coffee shop can even lead to you being more creative and productive!

Co-working environments are another great option for remote workers. Here self-employed people and those with different employers can share an office space with all the amenities of a traditional office. It gives them a chance to interact with other people and a stable, professional environment to work from.

Cape Town offers reliable Wi-Fi

A stable internet connection is an important consideration from most people who work remotely. South Africans internet woes improved significantly with the roll out of fibre networks. Cape Town also boasts fibre infrastructure and is constantly improving its digital connectivity. Free wireless internet in Cape Town is becoming more and more common as fibre makes it more affordable for coffee shops, restaurants and co-working spaces to offer it.

There’s no doubt that Cape Town is a fantastic location. Cape Town is a fantastic location for the growing number of digital nomads and remote workers. Not only does the city offer a great lifestyle, but it also has wonderful coffee shops and other space for remote working. 

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