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Expenses and lack of capital have always been one of the main reasons why business had to think twice about investing in solar PV systems. Now, increased demand and technological advances have attributed its significant decrease in cost over the years.

It can save small to medium businesses up to a third of their electricity cost and minimise their exposure to energy price increases. The solar PV trend is set to continue says Seraj Chilwan, smart grids project manager at Green Cape. However, it’s important to note that some provinces are better situated for solar PV than others and that business in provinces like the Western Cape, have benefited greatly from solar PV when the system is sized correctly.

Start with a solar PV Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company to do due diligence on the facility. They’ll be able to ascertain the solar PV system size you require. SAPVIA has an accredited list of solar PV installers with PV GreenCards.

The cost of solar PV installation is determined by the design of the system, the value of the technology procured, professional engineering sign off on the system and the costs involved in the financing model you’ve selected.

Financial models are available for businesses who are looking to secure a solar PV system. These include debt financing from banks and the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – an innovative model that the EPCs or developers offer.

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