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The South African shipyard, Southern Wind, uses innovation and adapts its services to a rapidly changing world.

The South African shipyard, Southern Wind Shipyard (SWS), specialises in the construction of semi-custom carbon composite performance sailing yachts ranging from 24 to 35 metres, combining blue water reliability with fast and comfortable cruising enjoyment. Southern Wind’s unique and stylish attributes are combined with a touch of contemporary Italian design, elegance and traditional South African craftsmanship.

General Manager, Marco Alberti says: “Our shipyard produces semi-custom yachts with an Italian flavour that is evident in everything from their sleek lines to their high-quality materials.”

Cape Town’s ocean economy sector has been on the rise and boasts decades of experience in marine manufacturing, with the Cape’s boatbuilding industry reaching well over ZAR1bn annually. With Southern Wind’s shipyard based here, they are perfectly placed and in good company as the Cape of Storms is home to over 40 shipyards.

Measures taken along the way

Given the lockdown regulations and ongoing pandemic, SWS’s team had to work hard to continue offering owners and crew a wide range of services to support them in managing any troubles generated by the lockdown. SWS have stated that great investment and efforts were made to adapt the services of the business which offered the company the opportunity to stay in contact with its clients. 

Before the national COVID-19 lockdown regulations were implemented, SWS said that it worked in compliance with the guidelines of the WHO and national health authorities to minimize the risk of spreading the virus among its employees and workers.

According to Alberti, various guidelines and strategies were put in place, including an Emergency Executive Committee; health and safety on the production site; new team organisation to remotely work from home; as well as an Employee’s Update and Support System.

Alberti added, “Our priority is to keep on designing and building yachts able to combine performance with comfort and reliability.” He concluded by adding that those elements had become part of the DNA of every SWS yacht and that in response to a demand for greater levels of comfort without compromising on performance, the shipyard has developed a new catamaran project that embodied and enhanced those principles.

With the Mother City being positioned at the tip of the African continent, our port bustles with activity from merchant and commercial fleets, as well as visiting private yachts. One of the best ways to discover and explore all its opportunities is to attend the annual Cape Town International Boat Show

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