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The Pocket-Friendly Challenge will inspire locals and tourists to get out and about in Cape Town, no matter your budget.

Cape Town Tourism’s (CTT) latest campaign, the Pocket-Friendly Challenge, has launched and aims to show locals and tourists that Cape Town can appeal to just about anyone in the mood for a holiday, no matter what your budget is. With so many must-see places, you can have an unforgettable time exploring beautiful, vibrant and affordable experiences in colourful neighbourhoods across the Mother City. In fact, Cape Town has even been ranked as one of the more favourable and cost-effective work-life destinations.

According to Leigh Dawber, Cape Town Tourism Marketing Executive, everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but are trying to bounce back and recover despite the struggling economic landscape.

The objective of the campaign is to keep promoting and upholding Cape Town’s reputation as Africa’s world-renowned destination. Right now, our tourism engine requires a much-needed boost to keep the wheels moving at a steady pace, as there are so many peoples’ lives affected directly and indirectly within the tourism sector. Overall, the main goal is to ensure that the tourism industry recovers during and beyond the pandemic.

How will the campaign work?

The Pocket-Friendly Challenge features a series of six 2-minute episodes where various travellers explore the Mother City’s diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods with a set budget of R150 per person. Weekly episodes will be released, with the hope of inspiring all South Africans to get out and about in Cape Town, no matter how much or how little they have to spend. Find out more: https://www.capetown.travel/the-pocket-friendly-challenge/

Dawber explained that the latest CTT Consumer Impact Report confirmed that finances are one of the biggest concerns for travellers right now. A recent survey however, indicated that 42% of locals would strongly consider travelling within their country. Dawber said that this was the drive behind launching the Pocket-friendly challenge, highlighting value-for-money experiences that locals may not necessarily know about within Cape Town.

As we all know, Cape Town is a rich mixture of diverse cultures, giving locals and visitors experiences that range across various themes including culinary styles, entertainment, heritage, nature and culture. Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner or even as a family or a group of friends, there’s something for everyone.

Diversifying tourism products

Alderman James Vos, MEC for Economic Opportunities, Asset Management and Tourism at the City of Cape Town, went on to highlight that the campaign is equally important for both tourism and local businesses.

Vos explained that together with Cape Town Tourism, the official destination marketing organization, they are committed to diversifying the tourism landscape in Cape Town by promoting products and attractions throughout the city. He added that this would challenge the preconceived idea that tourism is only central and focused around the main attractions in the CBD.

He believes that the pillars of responsible tourism are responsible pricing; responsible places and responsible practices.

Vos concluded by saying, “We can diversify tourism products, boost cultural experiences and community involvement and therefore, drive demand which will lead to jobs and social upliftment.”

The Pocket-Friendly Challenge will be running on LoveCapeTown’s Facebook and Instagram channels, make sure you watch out for it so you can get out and about.

Originally written by Bizcommunity

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