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Servy is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners seeking to broaden its clientele by leveraging technology to simplify bookings and payments for its services. “Servy provides secure payments, appointment scheduling and a marketing opportunity to reach more clients faster,” says Servy owner, James Mac.

The online platform had endless possibilities including; garden services, food delivery, repair services, cleaning services, personal trainers to creative classes and more. He added by saying, the online platform made a wide variety of home and personal services instantly available.

Tell us a bit more about your business and what it offers? 

Servy is an online platform that connects South African small business owners, freelancers and anyone looking to supplement their income with a new type of client base wanting to leverage technology to simplify the way in which they book and pay for services. Servy provides secure payments, appointment scheduling, and a marketing opportunity to reach more clients faster.

What sector do you provide a service to?
The possibilities are endless. Servy aims to stimulate the economy by providing anyone with a product or service to offer with a client base eager to support local creativity and ingenuity.

What important role does your company play in Cape Town, and abroad?
We have started in Cape town to test the concept, but see potential to take it nationwide. Servy removes traditional barriers of entry,  like the lengthy and costly process of establishing a new business, which allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most: Providing amazing service and building their client base.

When considering Cape Town, what factors made you choose to start here? Why Cape Town and what prompted the decision?
Cape Town is our home base and a city primed to be one of the tech epicenters for Africa.  We have seen how more and more people are taking advantage of the gig economy by starting a side hustle and moving away from traditional employment options to not only follow their passions, but also to  leverage the Capetonian shift to supporting small producers, independent service provider and artisanal offerings.

What challenges, if any, have you experienced in setting up your business?
Understanding the legalities of offering a service platform that aims to boost income potential, without offering direct employment, and anticipating what people want most, both from a service provider and end consumer perspective.

Have you had any interactions, positive or negative, with the City of Cape Town in setting up or running your business?
Not as yet as we have just started, but we hope to collaborate with the City of Cape Town on best ways to stimulate and promote small startups and short term employment in the area, to not only boost the local economy, but also to create a template that can be applied to other regions.

What’s next? What is the future of your business?
Fine tuning the concept and platform to a point where we can launch to more regions across  S.A. The goal is to continuously improve to ensure maximum benefit to both Service providers and customers alike.

For more information: www.servy.co.za

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