An initiative where South African wineries are fighting tooth and nail to keep the hospitality industry alive by generously “adopting a restaurant”.

Cape Town’s reputation for well-renowned eateries, tantalizing cuisine and gastronomic experiences has long been the talk of not just the town but the world. From small dining boutiques to award-winning restaurants, the Mother City is known for her culinary culture, but this thriving industry was the first to be brought to its knees when the pandemic hit.

That’s when Alex Dale, founder and MD of Radford Dale Winery had an idea that he shared with friend and chef patron Matt Manning of Grub & Vine Restaurant. “What he proposed was a gesture so generous and heartfelt that I had to blame the onions I was not busy dicing for my rapidly reddening eyes,” Matt Manning wrote in Matt Manning

The gesture sparked The Restaurant Rescue Project, an independent, industry-driven initiative that would potentially help keep the industry and thousands of jobs afloat.

Here’s how it kicked off

With the restaurant industry on its last leg, Radford Dale Winery generously donated some of their finest wines to Grub & Vine Restaurant which allowed them to offer up an amazing deal. Guests could purchase a Grub & Vine gift voucher or Virtual Dining experience for two and receive a complimentary case of 6 of Radford Dale’s most innovative wines. These could then collect from the bistro as soon as alcohol sales resume.

It was a hit and what ensued after that were collaborations of note where guests could purchase a Restaurant Rescue package made of the finest dining experiences and a little something extra.

How it works

The initiative calls on wineries and businesses to ‘adopt a restaurant’ to help preserve the jobs and livelihoods of the sector. Each participating restaurant then curates an experience which guests can purchase as a voucher and enjoy one of the many gastronomic experiences that Cape Town is so famous for.

Restaurants and wineries have come from all four corners of the Mother City with the likes of Blockhouse, The Aubergine Restaurant, Pot Luck Club and The Test Kitchen, to drop a few names, and partnering up with some of the Cape’s finest wineries. Vouchers are already selling out fast.

A fine pair that’s keeping the industry afloat

The initiative is a testament to the city’s resilient people showcasing their fighting spirit with more than 750 direct jobs already preserved thanks to the Restaurant Rescue Project. What’s more impressive is Capetonians’ dedication to supporting their treasured spots with a total of R5 031 800, and counting, generated by those who bought restaurant vouchers through the Project.

Show your support

Get back into dining swing of things again and purchase a voucher from the participating restaurants and wineries. Be quick to click though, they’re selling out fast. Buy Restaurant Rescue Voucher.

If you’d like to partner up as business or winery by ‘adopting a restaurant’ contact

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