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The Great Optimist Race is a charitable event which takes place this year from October 9 -18.

The race has been well supported since its inaugural event in 2018, which saw experienced sailors and celebrities getting into child-sized sailing boats for charity, in support of the work that the Little Optimist Trust does.

Calling all sailors 

This year’s race will be held “virtually” in keeping with Covid-19 protocols and is open to all sailors of all ages from anywhere in the world.

The challenge is to sail in an Optimist (dinghy) on any day from October 9-18, for one hour or more, on any body of water, anywhere in the world.

Anyone who has ever set sail is invited to participate in this worthy cause by raising funds for a charity close to their heart and the Little Optimist Trust, which hosts sailing therapy days for disadvantaged children.

Greg Bertish, the founder of the Little Optimist Trust and organizer of the Little Optimist Global race, expressed his excitement for the upcoming event and is encouraging sailors to participate in this enjoyable and heartening race for charity.

For more info and to enter into the race, please visit https://thelittleoptimistglobalchallenge.org

(Originally written) by IOL Staff Reporter

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