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The UCOOK Food Fund is committed to feeding as many people in need as possible. In partnership with FoodForward SA, PEDI (Philippi Economic Development Initiative) and Ladles of Love, they are working together and standing united to ensure that vulnerable communities in South Africa receive proper food provisions over this challenging period.

UCOOK are donating money to support their incredible partners who are dedicated to eradicating hunger across the country. Every rand raised through the UCOOK Food Fund will go towards ensuring that the people affected most by the economic fallout have enough nutritious food to eat every day. With your help, a portion of their sales goes to the Food Fund, and they are matching and doubling every donation from their Meal Kit sales, with every rand supporting their partners. To date, the UCOOK Food Fund has fed over 149 000 mouths and raised close to R160 000.

The impact of COVID-19 has undoubtedly unleashed a food security crisis that will be deeply felt by the poor communities across South Africa for months to come. A lack or shortage of nutritious food can affect a person’s well-being. Therefore, creating better access to food for the poor is critical in the months to come. Together with your help, the UCOOK Food Fund can feed as many mouths as possible. Visit the website and donate through Snapscan or Zapper.

(UCOOK Food Fund website)

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