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The UCOOK Food Fund has launched about seven weeks ago its partnership with FoodForward SA, the largest food redistribution organisation in South Africa, PEDI (Philippi Economic Development Initiative) and volunteer organisation Ladles of Love. “We are committed to feeding vulnerable communities in South Africa by ensuring that they receive proper food provisions over this challenging period,” says UCOOK Food Fund’s Chief Executive, David Torr.

Torr confirmed, last week Friday, that UCOOK has raised more than R1 million to fund food supplies to underprivileged communities in South Africa. According to Torr, the initiative was launched by the UCOOK Food Fund and its partners who are dedicated to eradicating hunger across the country since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We are extremely proud to say that this money has already gone towards the packing and distributing of nutritious meals to feed many people in Cape Town, particularly in Philippi,” said Torr. He continued by saying, “The UCOOK Food Fund has raised a total of R500 000 from public donations and the rest was donated by UCOOK.”

According to Amy Murgatroyd, UCOOK’s Social and Environmental Impact Co-ordinator, the lockdown has rapidly intensified socio-economic challenges such as hunger. Murgatroyd explained, “Our partners have made it possible not only to support small farming operations but also to reach those in need in an efficient way.”  

Christopher D’Aiuto from PEDI said that the UCOOK Food Fund has allowed farmers to continue earning a collective income of more than R140 000 during a challenging time and ensured the delivery of food parcels to families in need. He said that PEDI had recently redirected its efforts to ensure that food grown by farmers is distributed directly within the communities from which it came. He added that PEDI was putting together the fresh vegetable packs and distributing them.

“Thanks to UCOOK’s support, we were able to provide thousands of vulnerable people with food support at a very difficult time,” said Managing Director of Food Forward SA, Andy Du Plessis.

Founder of Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto, added that being a part of the campaign had allowed the organisation to collaborate with others to assist those in need.

Torr said that the UCOOK Food Fund would continue to support the efforts of PEDI and Ladles of Love in growing, packing and delivering healthy food parcels.

To help the UCOOK Food Fund feed as many mouths as possible, visit the and donate through Snapscan or Zapper.

Originally written by Sizwe Dlamini, IOL

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