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Cape Town and the Western Cape provide excellent investment opportunities for business, property and more. A hub for various sectors plus positive economic growth and an environment conducive to doing business make it the perfect place to invest in. On top of that the support available from specialist investment companies will make the process of investing in the city that much easier. 

Cape Town is widely considered as a gateway to Africa and companies wanting to do business on the continent often set their operations up here. 

While Cape Town is regarded as a hub for business services, information technology, manufacturing, and green energy, other sectors ranging from agriculture and creative industries also thrive in the city. There’s a wide pool of diverse, skilled professionals living in the city, that investors and businesspeople can tap into. Cape Town is home to several top-notch universities which also adds to the constant influx of a highly skilled work force.

The Western Cape government works actively to ensure that the city and province has the necessary infrastructure and technology to support business and other investment activities. Good governance guarantees a stable business environment. 

Business investment in Cape Town

The Western Cape’s economic growth has been accelerating rapidly over the last few years, with its real GDP growing at higher rates than the national average. The city continues to see a rise in new company registrations, several large new investment projects, and a steadily growing digitech sector. It has increased exports and an improved trade balance as well as a rapidly expanding B2B and B2C e-commerce sector. 

Cape Town has been lauded for its ease of doing business. Some of the factors that contribute to this include the speed at which it gets electricity to new businesses, its ability to rapidly provide construction permits, and the most efficient rates in South Africa at registering properties. The large Cape Town port is an advantage to businesses needing to import or export goods or products. 

Property investment opportunities in Cape Town

Cape Town is a good location to buy an investment property. The real estate market in the city has high growth potential, ensuring a good return on investment when you’re ready to sell the property. International buyers will also benefit from the exchange rate being in their favour. 

People are increasingly looking to buy property which doubles as both a home as well as office space. Buyers are attracted to the coastal, outdoor-living lifestyle that Cape Town has to offer. With a spike in mixed-use developments, it’s easier than ever for those looking for property investment opportunities to find a property that combines the convenience of security and easy access to amenities. 

Investment companies in Cape Town

An excellent way to begin your investment journey is to enlist the services of an investment company or agency. These organisations have the information and resources necessary to assist you with your specific requirements. 

One such organisation is Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. It helps investors and businesses looking to branch out to the province by introducing them to local suppliers; providing useful statistics, data and business information; and offering practical support. 

Some of the services Wesgro provides include helping businesses to explore economic opportunities with the guidance and support of a team of experts. It will assist with anything from visas to tax compliance for foreign investors. 

Wesgro also campaigns for easy and convenient air travel routes between Cape Town International Airport and destinations across Africa, Europe and Asia. It helps businesses export goods from Cape Town to destinations around the world. 

In addition, Wesgro helps the booming film and media industry in Cape Town. It assists crews with production in the province, including regulation guidance and finding co-production parties. 

Meanwhile, the Invest Cape Town initiative was launched by the City of Cape Town to enable growth in the city. It does this by linking businesses to new insights, opportunities, and solutions. Invest Cape Town collaborates with business formations, investment promotion agencies, sector support entities, and all spheres of government. 

Covid-19 protocols in Cape Town support investment environment

The City of Cape Town has encouraged all industries to comply with Covid-19 protocols as part of its coronavirus response, to ensure that business can go ahead in the city, while limiting the spread of the virus. It has shown adaptability, reliability and resilience in its response to the virus. The city also provides updates when any changes are made to national Covid-19 regulations so that businesses can make any necessary changes timeously. 

The country is currently on adjusted alert level one and adult citizens are being encouraged to go for a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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