Capetonians found themselves uncomfortably close to the reality of what climate change looks
and feels like in a 1 in 590-year drought event. The battle was fierce, but Cape Town was able to
get through the drought and avoid ‘Day Zero’ by reducing water consumption by 55% in three
years. Cape Town’s resilience captured the world’s imagination, and so, was named the world
record holder for water-saving efforts by the International Water Association. But nobody can
accurately predict the future climate and water availability. Cape Town needs to make plans that
are robust in the context of this uncertainty. This strategy provides a roadmap for the creation of a
future in which Cape Town will be more resilient to climate and other shocks.

  • Cape Town Water Strategy 2019
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  • GreenCape Resilience Report - Water 1
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  • GreenCape Resilience Report - Water 2
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