We are responsible and energy-conscious, and focused on building a secure city of the future...

Cape Town has a sophisticated, diverse and dynamic economy, and is a regional hub for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Globally, the city ranks among the world’s top destinations to visit and has all the attributes that appeal to people looking for a great city in which to live, work, play and invest.

We are national leaders in business and have a thriving knowledge economy; our skills market is growing and the city offers numerous opportunities for work and investment.

We are also a proudly inclusive city, welcoming all who can join us in our vision to create a safe, sustainable, vibrant urban environment for generations to come.


Business Process Outsourcing Opportunities

The BPO industry is the lead contributor of job growth in Cape Town.

Construction Opportunities

The construction sector has been one of the top performing sectors over the last quarter in Cape Town.

Atlantis GreenTech SEZ Opportunities

Cape Town is home to a thriving green economy and the city’s Atlantis Greentech Special Economic Zone offers opportunities.

Digital, Tech & Innovation Opportunities

Cape Town is the digitech hub of Africa and has a disproportionately high share of the country’s tech start-ups.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Opportunities

Cape Town is an established hub for food and beverage manufacturing...

Electronics Manufacturing & Business Opportunities

Boat Building & Marine Manufacturing Opportunities

Film & Media Opportunities

Cape Town is an internationally competitive film and media destination.

Agriculture & Agri Business Opportunities

Agr-business leads regional exports, second only to the petroleum sector, and lies at the heart of the region’s ability to drive economic development.

Tourism & Travel Opportunities

Cape Town attracts tourists from across the globe, thanks to the appeal of its natural beauty, vibrant culture and ease of access to key tourist sites.

Financial Services Opportunities

Cape Town is home to a large proportion of private investment and asset management services companies.

Clothing & Textiles Opportunities

Cape Town’s clothing producers offer a value proposition centred around a quick response production model that is unmatched.


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